Stories of a Near Future

A conversational Theatre Experience Collective

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EXPERIMENT no.1 - using AI-Driven assistive dialogue tool to build preferable futures and sustain human imaginations.

In this room, people are invited to a conversational performance. They are there not to assert their opinion, but to have a constructive debate on a future, our future. They are not asked to comment on anything, but to imagine what would be best for us and future generations.

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Goal 1

The goal is to train an artificial intelligence to understand the dynamics of the debates, the emotions that form there and the kind of experience that results. Its primary purpose is to create the best possible environment for the conversation to run smoothly and everyone to find it. We are looking for a conversation that inspires intellectually and emotionally. An experience that marks us and moves us forward. A very short, but so precious, moment of hope.

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Goal 2

The second goal is to count these conversations on the near future to help us build it. By aggregating the data, it will be able to extract the most inspiring and realistic data to feed the debate beyond the performative circles