The poets are the new creative leaders

I am writing a little essay on 22 years of practical research on How prospective & organizational storytelling, sensemaking, play, experience architecture, interaction design & visual thinking can change a business and empoyer intrapreneurs & changemakers.

I carefully crafted an ensemble of Thinking Framework I gently called SMALL. SMALL will help you create meaningful encounters, visualize your knowledge, Organize your actions, Reframe your problems, Love what you do, Lead the change, Get in the Flow, Drive in Results, Stay Zen.

Why = (what + how) x (where + who) ÷ When

  1. Intuition Sharpening

  2. Wuwei: The Environement where We work

  3. Kairos, Chronos and TimeScales

Conversational Arts & Sensemaking

  1. Ethnography

  2. Design & User Research

  3. Holons & Umwelts

  4. Intergenerational Gaps

New Architectures. New Mindsets. New behaviors.

  1. Visual Thinking

  2. Transmedia & Organizational Storytelling

  3. Imagination is Dialogical

  4. Stories, Algorythms, Sensors & the Internet of Things

Gamestorming & Roadmapping
Playful ways to get to the core of a great idea and to map the components needed to fully execute it. Discover simple Visual Thinking Tricks and Develop the skills to apply them at your next Brainstorm or Planning meeting.

Theater of Immersion — Workspace and Retail Space Magic
The Retail and the WorkSpace Experience seen thru the eyes of a Storyteller. The Props, The Actors, The Stage — All human action is meaningful social expression and all spaces, places and objects have a social meaning.

IA, IXD & UX Planning
Bunch of Ideas, Tools Methods for Executive Producers, Storytellers and Interaction Designers who want to push the envelop or ideate without loosing Planning Focus.

Service Blueprinting, Audience Journeys Maps & Prototyping
Simple and Out of the Box approaches to embed the most up-to-date Visual Thinking and Digital Ethnography Tools in your User & Market Research processes.

Creative Playgrounds & Learning Spaces
Exclusive ideas & Tools for leaders, directors, managers, teachers, storytellers and instructional designers who want to create meaningful and playful forms of interactions with their user / students / employees / creatives to make them discover, explore, learn and participate using programmable spaces, the latest ubiquitous tech and (old) re-emerging practices.

Workflows that works — The SMALL Framework

  1. Method 1: SMPL (Spark, Model, Play, Logistics)

  2. Method 2: MAPS (Methods, Architecture, Protocols, Systems)

  3. Method 3: AGENDA (7 agendas to stay coherent)

  4. Method 4: LENS (Landscapes, Energy, Narratives, Synergies)

  5. Method 5: LOVE — (Longevity, Observation, Velocity, Empathy)