Meditation on Business

While conducting a business effort it appeared to me that repeatable results that were aligned with long term goals often arised from a set of decisions about the designed Experience. Those decisions were taken while in true Flow favoring mastery over opinions, autonomy over management, purpose over urgency.

Think for tommorow. Live in the now.

You want your user, fans & customer to find your services & products while they are in the flow. Remember that technological civilizations continually create new needs of consumption, most of which are not important, most of which generate entropy and break the Flow.

Buzyiness is a sign of dementia. Beeing busy is not related to efficiency and it can actually also be anti-productive. If you are creating a service of product that makes you indifferent you are hurting your wakefulness and dimishing your Drive to attain objective results. Do not accumulate knowledge if unecessary and avoid beeing affected by Emotions based on concepts.

If your process to get something done is DULL the product or services emerging from it will be too.

The despair expressed in the execution of something is always felt. Just like when a songwriter compose a new song, a service designer creating a new business process will synthetize Contradictions and Struggles in order to give shape to an physical and psychological experience that creates Flow.

Start by organizing meetings that are Encounters and Retreats. You don’t want your meetings to become a daily chore. You want some meetings to be more Transformational and you want some of them to be more Logistical but they always have to be organized as meaningful rituals.

If you have to think about Short Term tactics because your Revenue Generating strategies aren’t fully working out you should focus on what is important and timely.

Help your clients find the flow. Their flow. That is how you will stay zen.