Less is More

LESS is MORE is a popular expression i’ve used to brand an approach i’ve crafted and practiced for 15 years now and it implies 8 forces that when joined together reduce complexity effects on our cognitive processes and allow the human intuition to work at full speed.

The Liminality is the quality of ambiguity and disorientation when you and your team stand at the Threshold (during the middle stage of a change or a ritual). Liminality counter interact with the natural Entropy that engulf in most Social Ecosystems and Physical Body Dynamics.

Together Liminality and Entropy are reinforcing a key attentional mechanism: Saliency is is the state or quality by which some Human Interactions and some Objects/Interfaces stands out relative to its neighbors in order to facilitate Learning.

Like Liminality and Entropy enter a common vortex, Saliency generates the conditions for Serendipity to be detected more frequently. When Serendipity events are detected more often it allows humans to do more with less by enabling accidents of finding something good or useful while not specifically searching for it.

Once you’ve learned how to create something with less you can start sparking your cognitive creativity to do MORE with LESS. But by MORE i refer to the finalities of the SMALL thinking framework which are linked to Intentionality / Intentions. Abundance is a state of mind and Creativity isn’t about problem-solving. Once a problem is well defined, the solution often follows rather directly.

So loose LESS energy generating MORE value is about mastering the art of mediation which is to facilitate information flux, clarifying or re-establishing human relationships. MORE is also about getting into Orbit (into flow) and finding balance between the macrocosmic environments and the microcosmic aspects of our body vital signs. If you are in the Flow but your enterprise isn’t you are in DENIAL not in ORBIT. Then once you’ve set the course of your satellites, your main spaceships and your mothership you can have a look at the technological, sociological and creative REVOLUTIONS ahead in the cosmos in which we all bathes and flex the ELASTICITY of your Curiosity to push forward and discover new ideas and explore new worlds.